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Let's Make
Indiana Better!

Leslie Nuss is running to bring a balanced government to Indiana by restoring the state government to one that works for the people and makes life better for all Hoosiers.

General Election Day:
Tuesday, November 5th

Read Leslie's Blog:
Working Together to Win in November

Caring for the Most Vulnerable

Leslie has been advocating and working to improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families for 15 years. She is the mother of a child with multiple disabilities. The mark of a healthy community is shown in how it cares for the most vulnerable. We enrich ourselves by helping everyone live their best life.

Women's Health & Safety

Leslie believes that women need essential healthcare that helps them live their lives to their fullest potential.  When women have agency over their bodies, they can make better choices for themselves and their families. She knows firsthand how essential this healthcare can be, experiencing dangerous hemorrhaging while giving birth and also during a miscarriage.

Balanced Power in Government

Leslie believes that we need a variety of people in power to make the best decisions, not a supermajority of one party that routinely ignores the will of the people, Gerrymanders voting districts to stay in power and makes voting harder for Hoosiers. Help her update the balance of elected power in Indiana!

An Educated
Work Force

To maintain Indiana's schools' competitiveness nationwide, we must prioritize robust support for teachers and public schools, ensuring they receive fair compensation and adequate resources. We need to promptly update our curriculum to ensure it meets high-quality standards and upgrade school facilities and technology. Collaboration among schools, families, and communities is imperative, and we must actively address any disparities to guarantee equal educational opportunities for all students.

Making Unions Stronger

Indiana's economy relies on the negotiating power of labor unions, which advocate for fair wages to support themselves and their families while maintaining workplace environments prioritizing safety and well-being. Their advocacy helps create a more equitable and sustainable labor landscape within the state, fostering a stronger sense of solidarity among workers and enhancing the overall quality of life in Indiana.

Prioritizing Mental Health

Promoting community well-being requires prioritizing mental health policies and providing support for those struggling with mental health challenges. By prioritizing mental health, we acknowledge its impact on community health and vitality. Accessible services and support networks can make a difference, fostering resilience and recovery. Through concerted efforts, we create a community that values and supports mental well-being.

Map of Indiana State Senate District 5

Be Sure to Know Your Polling Locations in the New District 5!

Stay Up-to-Date with Leslie's Campaign!

Protecting the Environment

Indiana's prosperity hinges on clean air, water, and soil, which are vital for sustaining life and fostering well-being. Meeting present and future demands requires prioritizing preserving our natural resources. By safeguarding our environment, we ensure a sustainable future for generations, promoting a thriving ecosystem and healthy communities. Through proactive measures and responsible stewardship, we can preserve Indiana's natural beauty and enhance the quality of life for all its residents.

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